highgrovehappenings.net is: 
"Dedicated to the improvement of our community through awareness and involvement in local issues".
It's purpose is to inform people in Highgrove, CA. and the surrounding communities about local events, items of interest,
important meetings and photos of local "happenings" so that our community will be more aware of what is happening in our neighborhood and what is being planned for our future.
We also try to preserve information about our rich historic past.  Highgrove is currently undergoing one of it's most significant changes in it's long history. Our former orange groves are on the brink of becomming new homes, and new neighborhoods occupied by new residents.
We hope you will use our web site as a tool of communication. With your input, suggestions and observations, it will enable us to better understand what you want to see happen in Highgrove's future. Better communication means we can help determine our own destiny instead of leaving it up to others. 
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Highgrove Song by "Barney" & Ardie Barnett
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Property Owner's Meeting 1-15-2020.
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